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CPM scheduling has been an integral part of Alpha Corporation's consulting services since the firm's inception. Alpha provides CPM scheduling services during all phases of a project. During the design phase, Alpha can assist clients with development of master schedules to estimate project durations, and with planning of critical project activities. During the construction phase, Alpha first emphasizes detailed baseline schedule development and review to establish an effective plan for the project, followed by effective schedule updating for monitoring of construction activities, analysis of changed conditions and delays and evaluation of their impacts on project completion. In the post-construction phase, Alpha provides clients with schedule analysis to assist in resolving potential claims. Throughout all phases of a project, our proven approach to scheduling is aimed to:

  • Develop and maintain a realistic schedule to be used for both planning and progress evaluation and payment purposes;
  • Provide analysis with accurate information and practical scheduling know-how to evaluate construction performance and project risk;
  • Contemporaneously create a concise, historical record of actual project events for use in the analysis of delays, extensions of time, and/or additional cost assessments; and
  • Ascertain the effects of design changes, site conditions, construction problems and delays on the interim and final completion dates.

Alpha Corporation has established itself as a leader in the field of CPM scheduling. Alpha maintains involvement in various industry groups and has taken leadership roles in order to participate in the development of best practices for schedule preparation and analysis. We routinely blend innovative technology applications through Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other analytics software to provide a multi-dimensional view and assessment of project performance.

Our credibility and advanced expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of scheduling has prompted many public and private owners to retain Alpha to obtain specific training in this specialized field. Our schedulers have also assisted owners and contractors alike in implementing project control tools to manage organizational functions and development programs or to manage project specific assignments.

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Within this Service We Offer...
  • Program Schedule Development
  • Preliminary Schedule Development
  • BIM 4D Analysis
  • Resource & Cost Allocation
  • Review and Analysis of Baseline Schedules
  • Review and Analysis of Progress Schedules
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Planning
  • Work-Around & Recovery Schedule Preparation
  • Earned Value Management
  • Delay and Time Impact Analysis
  • Theory and Software Training

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